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“The Centro Condo Bangsaen” sees strong sales, Future bright with EEC

The only condominium project with “dual key” concept in eastern region drives demand

Despite sluggish economy affected by COVID-19, “The Centro Bangsaen”, the only luxury condominium project with “dual key” concept in the eastern region, one of the two buildings sold out within the first 6 months of release and is expected to close sales for the entire project of 304 units within this year. The overwhelming success is credited to its unique concept and the high potential of the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) growth.

Mr. Chakrapan Bampenkiatkul, Chief Operating Officer, Venture Global Holding Co., Ltd. (VGH) said that EEC development has made significant progress. According to the EEC Policy Committee, the number of promotion applications for investment projects in EEC area from January-November 2020 was 387 projects with a total investment value of 128 billion baht, or approximately half of the total investment in the country. This included foreign investment of 76 billion baht, mostly in electrical appliances, electronics, automotive and petrochemical industries. The positive investment trend has contributed to the growing economic activities in the region. The property and real estate sector have also benefited from this trend and saw continuous expansion.

“Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, economic activities have continued strong. With high demand in the market, the Centro Condo Bangsaen Project Building B has been sold out. Building A is already opened for reservation. We are strongly confident that by the end of this year, the total 304 units in the entire project will be sold out,” said Chakrapan.

A major factor for this success is its strategic location in the Bangsaen city center, where there are many offices and businesses are located. Demand for accommodation is, therefore, very high. Property rental is a rising star business in this area.

The Centro Condo Bangsaen, is the first condominium project in the East offering luxury living experience. The Dual Key Concept, under which two units are combined in one but with separated function. People in each unit cannot walk across to the other without the key. This concept has been very successful in many countries, especially Singapore and Hong Kong.

This type of accommodation best addresses the unique demand of large family, those who wish to let the condominium for rent, and those who need an accommodation close to their work.

The construction of The Centro Condo Bangsaen began immediately after receiving approval for its Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Today, more than 50% of the structure works for the two buildings are completed (as of 10 February 2021). The Company plans to launch a new investment project immediately after all the 304 units in The Centro Condo Bangsaen project are sold out.

The Centro Condo Bangsaen is a joint development project between Thai and Singaporean investment groups. Derived from condominium project design concept in Singapore, The Centro Condo Bangsaen comes with five uniqueness. It is strategically located in the central Bangsaen, next to Park In Market and Laem Thong Department Store and in front of Burapa University. Secondly, its modern nature living design concept perfectly blends the nature with modern design and energy saving technology. The third uniqueness lies in its Triple Security concept. Fourthly, the common space comes with high facilities, including saline swimming pool, semi outdoor living garden, fitness, grand lobby and co-working space. Lastly, the project offers high value for money with full furniture from Index Furniture.

Customers can reserve a unit at The Centro Condo Bangsaen Building A from now and receive a special offer including full furniture, kitchen and special financial promotion package, including 50% deposit which can be paid in monthly installment starting from 2,750 baht. The price for each unit starts from 1.58 million baht.

Interested persons can contact the project office to visit the sales gallery every day or have a VR360 room experience at 
www.thecentrocondo.comor Tel. 094-546-6998, Line: @thecentrocondo or Facebook: thecentrocondo.
To ensure maximum safety for all customers, the project has strictly adopted the disease prevention measures,
including body temperature checking, alcohol gel for hand cleaning and social distancing measure.

Source Link: https://www.propdna.net/news-en/centro-condo-bangsaen-sees-strong-sales-future-bright-eec